Top SEO difficulty For New Bloggers

SEO difficulty For New Bloggers

In this article, we’ll discuss what is SEO or search engine optimisation and how a blogger faces difficulty in the initial stage if you are a new blogger.

what is SEO

SEO is a simple term and it stands for search engine optimization that means improving quality traffic for your website for relevant searches in search engines. better visibility of your pages in SERP(search engine result pages) means to gain better traffic. or another way we can explain the SEO that it’s a best practice to increase the quality and quantity traffic of a website through organic search engine results

SEO difficulty For New bloggers

if you are a new blogger and don’t have any idea about SEO then obviously it will be difficult for you, two major stuff is mandatory for SEO success one is ranking and another one is traffic, if your website is lacking these two stuff then definitely it will be too hard for anyone to be a successful leader. so no-one can improve his blog without SEO, If you are new to this field, you definitely, have to know about SEO and its optimization process.

Top Google Ranking Factors

Google uses 200 factors to rank a website but no one can say how accurate this number. so here are a few important details as discussed below

On-Page factors:

Keyword in the title tag: The title is the major and most important factor of a website that helps to rank a website on the search engine. the title should contain the keyword and should have accurate descritption as per the webpage content. it’s the best practice if the keyword is present at the start of the title. The page is optimized as per the title to rank better with keywords closer to the title tag

 Keyword in meta description tag. The meta description is another important factor for SEO. as per title, keywords should be present on the description that helps user clicks from search result pages. so as per user search if the keyword is present in both title and description then the relevancy score will be improved and CTR will also be improved

Keyword in H1 tag. H1 is another vital stuff of SEO. it comes under heading tags. No of the heading tags have (h1–h6). It’s the best practice to use one h1 tag on a page and it should contain as per your targeted keyword. Apart from H1, we should use a heading wise paragraph

Using keywords in the pages. Webpage optimization is another vital stuff. To get rank higher for a specific page, it should be optimized properly. the targeted keyword should be used 1 to 3 times. Apart from that LSI keywords should be present on that page to get a better response and will support the main keyword to rank.

The length of the content. To get a better response on the search engine Google in terms of ranking then the content should be authoritative and informative. It’s the common thing longer content means you can cover more aspects of your topics. so we should not shy about writing long content.

 Duplicate content. Duplicate content means it’s a danger signal for your website. it might get penalized and no one can say anything about it. just having similar content all across the pages hurt your ranking. so it’s the best practice to avoid duplicate content on your pages

Canonical tag. it’s another important factor of SEO. duplicate content issue. if we have two URLs having the same or similar content then this type of problem is created. so we have to tell search engines which version is the master copy of the page. so just by using the canonical tag, it helps to fix the duplicate or identical content issue on multiple URLs

Image Optimization. Image optimization is another crucial factor for SEO. text, as well as image, should be optimized properly. but unfortunately, the search engine doesn’t crawl the image. so for image optimization its the best practice to use alt text.

Content Updates. As content is king. without fresh and quality content it’s too hard to rank on google. the search engine google also prefer fresh and quality content. it doesn’t matter to change content frequently. but if you post any content from start then it should be fresh and quality

Outbound links. It may be a good way to linking authoritative pages and send trust signal to search engine, the only reason for doing this if you wanted the user to learn more about the subject, this might be a huge trust factor for google but too many outbound links is not good for any website because it significantly diminishes your page rank and will also hurt search engine visibility but use them in moderation.

Internal links.  Internal linking is the link from one page to different pages of the same domain. it is commonly used for better navigation of a website
Top few bullet point why it’s necessary

  • it helps a user to navigate a website properly
  • it helps to establish an information hierarchy for the given website.
  • it helps to boost the ranking power of around the website

Keyword in URL. It’s the part of keyword prominence. the major placement of keyword in title, description, and URL and the start of the body content because for more relevancy and better placement on Google SERP

Site factors:

Apart from the above all these factors there are a few site-wide factors that may affect your site visibility as well. so you have to fix all these also

1. Sitemap. A sitemap basically two types. one is an HTML sitemap and another one is an XML site map. An HTML site map is basically for a user to get all the page information of your site and an XML site map is for a search engine and it helps the search engine robots to index all the pages of your site

2. Domain trust. Domain trust is the major ranking factor for SEO. if a domain has acquired the quality number of backlinks then Google considers it as a trusted domain. details here what Brian Dean from Backlinko is saying for this.

3. Server location. Google doesn’t tell about it if your website is hosted in a specific country or region then it may help you rank better in that specific region or country

4. Mobile optimized site. As we know the number of mobile users is increasing in comparison to desktop. and if you’ll take data from the last 12 months then we can see more than 46% of searchers have used mobile to research. So all the websites should have mobile-optimized to get a better response on SERP.

5. Google Search Console integration. Google search console is another power full tool. it suggests you all the technical information that help you optimized your site properly

Conclusion – So a new blogger should have to focus on all these above factors so that there will be no SEO difficulty on blogging