How to Install WordPress on Cpanel through Softaculous

How to Install WordPress on Cpanel through Softaculous

In this article, we’ll discuss how to install WordPress on Cpanel by using step by step procedure through softaculous. so I’ll install WordPress on this domain “”. so please follow the step by step procedure.
Step – 1 – First we need to log in with our Cpanel. if you are using more than one domain then you need to add your domain as an addon. So in my case, this domain – “” is an addon domain.

Create an Addon Domain

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Get Softaculus Apps To Install WordPress

Once the addon domain is completed then we’ll jump to the software section. under software either we’ll choose “WordPress manager by Softaculus” or “Softaculus apps installer”, after clicking on that we’ll come to the top script section. simply will hit WordPress and install it now.

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Software Setup

Under software set, up we’ll choose the domain name and protocol(HTTP or HTTPS) that needs to install WordPress. so here I’ll definitely recommend that at the initial stage will choose the protocol “HTTP” and proceed to the next step site settings

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Site Settings

On-site settings section – we can put any name for the title and description field as per your choice. and later we can change it on the backend. it’s not a big deal.

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Admin Account

Admin Account – On this section put any credentials for user name and password as per your choice and later on we can change it on the backend. and next will select the language as “English”
Plugin – On this section, we can tick mark which plugin is required to install. if we need all these plugins then simply tick mark all these otherwise we can ignore that part can install it later.
Theme – On this part here we’ll get an option to choose a theme. either we can choose it here or can change it later, then hit on “install” then WordPress installation will start. after a few minutes of time, we’ll get a message that the WordPress will be installed successfully

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Now here the WordPress is successfully installed on the site – if you love this article then please do comment and share your valuable thoughts.

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