15 Mar

Andersen Window Replacement Company

As a certified Andersen doors and windows replacement company, ACRE Windows & Doors different types of windows including fibrex windows, silverline windows, and vinyl windows. We have windows to tailor every budget and needs.

14 Apr

Tips and Tricks to Speed Up Windows 10 Performance

With this Ultimate Guide, we try to offer a wide selection of options to improve the performance of your Windows 10 machine. You can easily speeds up windows 10. Many of the tips and tricks here on in should improve your Windows 10 experience.

3 Apr

Windows 10 Won’t Boot Solution (quick fix) – YouProgrammer

This issue of Windows 10 won’t boot can be solved by using Startup Repair or by using CMD. In Startup repair you need to choose only some options and Windows will fix its problem on own. But in CMD you can use various commands to fix this problem.

16 Feb

How to open Windows Store apps on startup in Windows 10

This post will show you how to automatically launch or open UWP or Windows Store apps on every startup or boot in Windows 10. Most of us know how to make Programs run on startup – but not many may know how to make Windows 10 launch Windows Store apps on startup.

22 Jan

Windows Data Recovery

Windows data recovery software is an irresistible solution which easily recovers, repair and restores your corrupt data from divergent storage media that supports windows operating system

18 Dec

Allow Windows Updates to be downloaded automatically over Metered Conn

Windows users can now control data usage by configuring a wired network connection as ‘metered.’ This has come handy to people who are on a limited data plan. One of the cons of this feature is that it prevents updates or apps from downloading or installing. Auto upgrades are also affected.

9 Dec

Keyboard or Mouse not working in Windows 10

If your Keyboard or Mouse is not working in Windows 10 after a recent update or upgrade, here are a few things you could try to fix the issue. Sometimes simply restarting the computer or disconnecting and reconnecting the mouse or keyboard can help, If it does not then this post offers some troubleshooting sggestions that may help you.

2 Dec

Windows 10 laptop Battery charging slowly

Windows 10 users at times face issues which can get a little annoying after a while, especially when you see that a new fancy update brings just about as many new bugs as it fixes. The good thing is, where there is a problem, there is a solution. If your laptop or batter has become it is possible that it may charge slowly – but some users have reported that they face this problem even on a new device. If your Windows 10/8/7 laptop is taking forever or a long time to charge, here are suggestions

25 Nov

Alert, System battery voltage is low

There appears to be no single solution for ‘Alert, System battery voltage is low’ error message which you may see during boot. It flashes on your computer screen, prompting a user to strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility or F5 to run onboard diagnostics.Let us find the cause of this issue and see how to fix it.

14 Nov

Resource Monitor not working on Windows 10/8/7

With the applications getting hardware intensive, these days computer crashes and slowdowns happen frequently. To deal with all these issues and monitor hardware resources Windows comes with a great built-in tool called ‘Resource Monitor’. If you have been using Resource Monitor then you might know the features it offers and how it can help you efficiently monitor hardware resources of your computer. But some users have reported some problems with Resource Monitor