Social Media Trends to Optimize Your Strategy in 2021

social media trends

With 2020 wreaking havoc on the entire world, it was the businesses that suffered the most. From the local shops to the international companies, various challenges and hurdles were thrown in their way. But, with the onset of 2021, these businesses are seeing new hope in terms of digital marketing. 

Online marketing is a platform that will always thrive, even in the midst of such pandemic. Hence, several businesses have discarded the traditional ways and started conducting their works over digital media. To be honest, this platform provides multiple opportunities for marketing one’s product or brand in the best manner. Also, the digital platform has proven itself to be a boon for increasing revenues and gaining higher conversion ratios. 

One such platform where businesses have started extending their marketing channels is social media. Be it Facebook or Instagram, you can find businesses promoting themselves and reaching a greater audience. However, social media is evolving at a rapid rate. Hence, unless and until a business is opting to implement the new social media trends of 2021, it will be practically impossible for them to stay in the competition. 

Bearing this in mind, we have explained here some of the most efficient and high-yielding social media trends of 2021. Using these trends, one will optimize the marketing strategies and set new milestones for the business. 

Live videos on social media platforms 

One of the latest social media marketing trends that you will see in 2021 is live vlogging. For example, let’s say you have a bakery and want to gain more customers to increase the revenue. So, rather than posting normal ads, you can go for live videos or stories. Recording the baking process in your cafe kitchen and showing what you have got for your consumers will help you deliver your message. 

All you need to do is design eye-catching and appealing video content with scripted texts to instill the seeds of curiosity in the minds of your target audience. Do not extend the video lengths too much because that will make the live streaming boring. Rather than gaining customers, you will be losing them.

Storytelling posts 

Another great trend that almost every social media marketing company suggests to follow in 2021 is storytelling posts. You need to create an emotional connection between your target audience and the brand you are selling. And the only way to do so is by telling a story that will touch the hearts. So be very sure to make the content appealing and compelling at the same time. 

Also, while storytelling, use real-life pictures to give the customers a glimpse of your business or brand. What you offer, why one should choose you, and who you are- are the three main questions whose answers should be there in your story post.

Optimized hashtag marketing

If you want to optimize the marketing strategy for the various social media platforms, especially Instagram and Linkedin, you need to focus on hashtag marketing. Hashtag marketing uses proper and most reliable hashtags which will define your brand or the product perfectly. Therefore, you should choose trending hashtags but only those that will help you connect with your target audience easily. 

For example, if you are posting about a new product your company will be launching, choose the hashtags that seem to be most relevant. You can also create your tags, provided they are compatible with your post. This will help you to narrow down your search. Hence, you can target a particular group of audiences that will bring meaningful traffic to your business.

Organizing empathy campaigns 

Social media campaigns are another popular trend that has become quite popular in 2021. However, after the hard year of 2020, you cannot arrange a campaign with straightforwardness and bluntness. So, you need to connect with your audience through social media platforms. And the only way to do so is by organizing empathy campaigns. 

For example, let’s say you own a furniture company. And to increase the leads and, in turn, the revenues, you have opted for social media marketing. If you want to arrange a campaign, make sure to keep the topic that will focus on positivity and encourage your audience to visit your website. 

Initiating conversations for connection building

Since social media marketing is a form of digital marketing, you won’t be able to converse with customers face-to-face. Most times, it has been seen that businesses lose their customers or prospective leads over social media due to communication gaps. So, you need to be aware of the risks of not building up conversations. 

After posting something on social media, you will get comments, both positive and negative. Therefore, your replies must be prompt or within a couple of hours. Also, you need to remember one basic thing- customers are always right. Hence, you can’t be rude or impolite to them, no matter whether their comments are disheartening or not. Instead, start a conversation with politeness, describing why they should choose you. While initiating conversations, your target will be to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. 

Social media e-commerce channels 

While scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, you will often see ads popping out of different products you can buy. This is what social media e-commerce is. You can use these channels to promote your products and directly lead your audience to the product page. By doing so, you will be able to provide more information about the brand or the product to be sold to make a purchase. 

As a result, you will easily convert the prospective leads into customers, thereby increasing sales. However, make sure the advertisements about your product are posted with tempting content and proper hashtags. Only then will you be able to engage the audience properly. 

Focusing on bite-sized contents

For marketing your business or product, you need to create content. However, when we speak of social media platforms, you need to ensure that the contents are not lengthy. People love to scroll through their social accounts. And if they come across a long post about your business, we can vouch for the fact that only 10% of the viewers will give a response. 

For this reason, you should consider preparing the bit-sized contents. These videos last for only a couple of minutes. So, they might be short in terms of duration. But, they are way more effective than longer videos. Hence, make the content crisp, to the point, and always end the video with a cliffhanger. Such scenarios will help you tempt the audience to visit your websites. 

Product launch spoilers and teasers 

Other amazing trends of social media marketing that you can implement in your business are spoilers and teasers. Before declaring the launch of a new product or service on social media, try to gain your audience’s attention through small spoilers. These videos or posts will keep them on their toes, and hence, their reactions will be positive for your business. 

Teasers and spoilers are the best weapons for increasing curiosity in your customers. Thereby they will be tempted to learn more about the product or service on their launch. In the end, it will be your business that will benefit from this particular social media marketing trend in 2021. 


With various social media platforms, you will have multiple opportunities to promote your products and brands. However, without implementing the latest trends of 2021, you won’t be able to meet the expectations of your targeted audience. So, make sure to go through what we have discussed above and include the most relevant trends in your social media marketing strategies.