14 Mar

Mlungix Technology – Designing of satellite and its development pitch

We are building the fastest satellite production facility. Making high-performance satellite more affordable and available. Mlungix is like a bridge in the digital divide. The Mlungix is like a technology which is building the global communication network with the help of its dedicated team members.

8 Mar

Michael Glenn Palmore

Provincial Reconstruction Team Zabul, a forward deployed team tasked to mentor key leaders in rural Afghanistan, relies upon a small team of Communications experts to keep them connected to the rest of the battle space.

27 Jan

Corporate Hospitality | Event Management | Talent Management | Paragon

Paragon provide Hospitality, Event Management & Talent Management. We are your ONE LIVE PARTNER for brands in the UK & overseas.

25 Jan

Spokk.io – semi-anonymous social network help to perfect your creation

Spokk is a social networking platform to help improve your skills, ideas and even creations through honest crowdsourced opinions.

24 Jan

sim card for thailand

International SIM Card for Thailand and Thailand 3G Data Cards and get benefits from free incoming calls and significantly save international data and roaming charges on your travel in Thailand.

22 Jan

What it takes to be A Useful Member of the Society

Human nature is such that we all like getting more and more, but giving away less or nothing at all! We heard a lot of things – money, fame, knowledge, benefits, and even food and water sometimes! The problem with this habit of hoarding is that it creates a division in the society that is very harmful to the deprived. It is a sad but true fact that in today’s world, it’s mostly the rich who get richer, and the poor only seem to be getting poorer.

21 Jan

Fire Stick Not Connecting to WiFi

Are you having streaming or video quality issues with your Amazon Fire Stick? There is a Possibility that your Fire Stick not connecting to WiFi. Try checking the internet Connection in the settings. Or call customer tech support for assistance.

24 Dec

Click here for Good Trilogy Books

Looking for good trilogy books? Catching A Miracle is an epic trilogy of inspirational books by Mark J. Spinicelli. Join an extraordinary journey to find a cure.

15 Dec

What is After Call Work in a Call Center?

After call work involves everything the operator does once the call has ended. Typically, in order to maintain peak efficiency, these tasks should take no longer than 20-30 seconds. Know more!

8 Dec

Now Launcher Apk

We have very nice launcher name Now Launcher latest version. You can download Now Launcher Apk files and install the latest version launcher with lots of features and much more.