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22 Nov

Configure Exclusions with Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes configuration has to be seamless as well as error free. In order to configure Malwarebytes, you need to be careful on certain things. For configuration, you need to go to the setting page of the software. At this page, you shall get plenty of options and configuring choices. Go to the settings page and open the exclusion list. At this exclusion list, you may find the exclusions for system scanning. You can exclude certain drive or folder for system scanning. The drive or folder shou

22 Nov

Windows 10 does not recognize iPhone

Windows 10 users have been reporting issues on connecting to iTunes, where their iPhone either failed to get detected, or their device wasn’t recognized by the computer running on Microsoft’s latest operating system (OS). While there is no single and assured solution to fix this issue, here are some simple workarounds and fixes which would help in resolving this problem.