14 Feb

How to change Monitor Refresh Rate in Windows 10

This post explains what is Refresh Rate for computer monitors and how you can change the Monitor Refresh Rate in Windows 10. You can change it for best gaming experience or flickering screen issues via NVIDIA or AMD graphics card Advanced Display Settings. For instance, if you see a flickering screen or ‘stop-motion’ effect while playing heavy games, there is a chance that it is happening because of the monitor refresh rate.

10 Feb

Windows 10 computer taking forever to restart

Having a PC that takes forever to restart can be pretty annoying! Imagine a situation where you try to restart your system and instead of shutting down and booting up again, it remains on the “Restarting” screen with that circle animation to show progress. But it neither restarts nor shuts down! If your Windows 10/8/7 computer is stuck on Restarting for a long time – maybe after an Update or every time, you need to find out the cause.